Greg Fadorsen, President of Fadorsen Financial Company, structures financial solutions for a wide range of businesses located in Ohio and nearby states (including: PA, WV and Western NY). Solutions include business acquisition funding, equipment financing, real estate financing, non-bank specialty lenders, and government assisted financing. Alternative solutions have included angel investors, mezzanine financing, business restructuring, balance sheet structure, financial strategies and other unique financial responses. Greg’s thirty-five plus years of experience include a wide range of management and lending responsibilities. He taught Managerial Finance at Cleveland State University and served as the Instructor for Introduction to Equipment Leasing for RMA – The Risk Management Association. He also taught a course, Financial Acumen and Solution Sales Training, which he helped develop with an international corporate training company, to benefit the national sales force of a Fortune 100 Company.

Lesson Learned: “As a banker, I found it frustrating that I could only offer customers what my employer had available. Now, as an independent problem solver, I have the entire financial world of resources to choose from and use multiple sources when appropriate to provide solutions for my client.”

Fadorsen earned his BA from John Carroll University and his MBA from Baldwin-Wallace College. Greg was with the Lake County YMCA Budget and Finance Committee and was the Treasurer for the Western Reserve Friends of NRA.

The Company: FFC is built entirely on an Excellent Reputation with Long-Term and Repeat Clients and Referrals as a result of delivering creative solutions and results. We understand the business practices of banks and lenders across the U.S. The banking industry is the same as any other, there are those who seek to help and there are others who… don’t. We seek to deal with the best of the best as we provide financial solutions for our clients. We have the option to be selective and are not tied to any particular lender. We are paid by our clients, and we serve our clients’ interests. We enjoy a professional and cooperative relationship with many providers. We employ our relationships to provide the most favorable treatment for our clients.

Problems That We Have Solved:

•STRESSED BY A DISTRESSED BANK… When the client’s bank was in distress with the regulators, the client was made to think something was wrong with his business! FFC assisted and in the end increased the available line of credit (from $8 Million to $10 Million) with a new relationship with a stronger bank, plus additional funding of more than $2 Million provided by selected non-bank specialty equipment lenders.

•COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE FINANCING…An established firm with excellent performance desired real estate acquisition financing that was “outside the box” for their lead bank of many years. Successfully placed $1,500,000 with a one-of-a-kind small bank thanks to FFC.

•EQUIPMENT FINANCING FOR EXPANSION…The national leader in co-pack and private label snack products needed to expand production to meet client demand, while completing the acquisition of another company. FFC worked as a “special assistant” to the highly regarded CFO to manage the equipment financing component. The transactions in the project were in the range from mid seven figures to low eight figures. Two year project total was approximately $30 Million.

•PARTNERSHIP BUYOUT…39% owner desired to acquire the remaining 61% from his partner. FFC managed the cash flow limitations by securing approval from a specialty lender for a $2,000,000 18 year term loan to acquire the business and the real estate, and an additional $2,000,000 Libor based line of credit from a local banker.

•BANK THREAT…A 30 year old company, an established retailer with stores in several states, who had never been 30 days late with his large Cleveland HQ bank, was declared in default due to covenant issues. Liquidation was eventually threatened by the bank. FFC assisted the owner with a new strategy that successfully paid debt and funded the owner. Total debt, bank plus others, had been >$2,250,000.

•BANK REJECTION…A pair of first time entrepreneurs had just been rejected by large Cleveland based bank for their $150,000 request to fund the acquisition of an existing hardware store. FFC succeeded in placing the needed financing plus additional cash to grow and refresh the long neglected inventory. Total funding for acquisition, inventory and working capital was $244,000.

•START-UP…A start-up company with minimal cash and assets (strength was an owner with 25 years industry experience) had failed to obtain any bank or government assisted financing: FFC located an angel investor to support the manufacture of new design equipment. FFC then successfully placed a government assisted loan of $800,000+ which enabled the exit of the angel investor and provided the client with working capital.

•BAD TIMES…An established manufacturer with 30 years in business was in distress with their lead bank due to 2 loss years. Several banks had declined financing. FFC successfully placed $650,000 with a non-bank specialty lender, obtaining the approval in just 9 business days. FFC then introduced the owner to a new banker for the deposit account and a line of credit.

•AND MANY MORE…Many, no doubt, similar to YOUR Company’s financial challenges.

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      Greg facilitates deals. He has that special ability to turn a negative into a positive when discussing issues and options when it comes to a wide range of financial alternatives. His perspective and advice are sound and appreciated.
    Michael Kunk, CPA, MBA, VP & Chief Financial Officer at Alliance Industries, Inc.