Won’t it cost me more to hire a “financial middle man” than if I just deal with the banker on my own?
• It will be far more likely to save you both time and money. First, we work with you to prepare a strategy that is the right fit for your company’s needs. Second, FFC has built a high quality network of financial providers that will place a priority on their response to our inquiry on your behalf. Third, we don’t just send in an application. We speak with our experienced contacts at the right level, in the right place, and screen your deal before it goes “live”.

I know banks have consultants and advisors. Isn’t that the same as Fadorsen’s services and I don’t have to pay extra?
• Any employee for a bank or lending institution is, of course, ethically compelled to sell you only their company’s services and products. That dramatically limits your options and your choices. FFC, ethically compelled to serve our client, has been very successful screening and often combining the best choices from several institutions – whatever is the best client focused solution.

Do I have to pay a fee for these services?
• Certainly! There is an initial assessment fee to confidentially review your situation and offer recommendations for the best course(s) of action. Additional fees will be determined by the nature and scope of any additional services selected by you, the client.

What if I seek out several lenders and get their proposals?
• Do you have the time and money to spend repeatedly preparing and presenting your story? Who’s running your business?

• Multiple credit inquiries tend to reduce your chances with each subsequent inquiry: For Commercial Finance, the individuals with the authority for your deal usually know each other. They know their competition – as well as you know yours. They think to themselves: “I know the guy at Bank X, and if he didn’t approve this deal, there’s a good reason… I don’t want to waste any more time on this.”

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      Greg facilitates deals. He has that special ability to turn a negative into a positive when discussing issues and options when it comes to a wide range of financial alternatives. His perspective and advice are sound and appreciated.
    Michael Kunk, CPA, MBA, VP & Chief Financial Officer at Alliance Industries, Inc.