• There is generally more than one solution to any problem.

• Not every solution requires borrowing.

• Bankers and lenders will most likely know the other lenders you have already gone to and been rejected. • Finding a solution is a process.

• There are many more resources for financial help than most people know.

• Every bank or lending institution has its specialties and its policies that may not be obvious.

• Making the right financial decision can change the course of your business.

• The financial product you may be thinking about may not be the best choice for your particular situation.

• Sometimes the best financial solution is a multi-provider deal.

• A working capital line is a poor choice for financing equipment.

• Smart financial decisions everyday can save time and money in the long run.

• You want to work with a financial consultant who knows his business as well as you know yours.

• Banks and lenders can stop you in your tracks if you are talking to the wrong person in their company: someone who tries to fit your financial needs into a pre-defined box or form.

• Banks and lenders frequently make judgments based on an application form and preset formulas for lending.

• Knowing who to contact for your financial needs makes all the difference.

• Are you working with the lower-level loan officer who has no authority to step outside the box?

• Or, are you talking to someone with experience to help find a solution?

• Every banking inquiry that is made on your behalf ends up on your credit report and lowers your score.

• It is not a banker’s job to solve your problem. It is their job to sell you financing.

• Prices, policies, cultures, and capacity differ from lender to lender.

• Generally, the best financial problem solvers are paid by the client, not the lender.

• The Conditions of Default in most bank loan agreements include one that roughly translates from legal to common English as: “or anything else that makes us feel icky today”.

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      Greg facilitates deals. He has that special ability to turn a negative into a positive when discussing issues and options when it comes to a wide range of financial alternatives. His perspective and advice are sound and appreciated.
    Michael Kunk, CPA, MBA, VP & Chief Financial Officer at Alliance Industries, Inc.